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Boucla is a Subiaco icon and longtime neighbourhood favourite. A go-to cafe for breakfast, lunch, coffee and sweet treats.

With its Moroccan style décor, artwork and tapestries, the cosy cafe is eclectic and full of personality. Something a little different and special for your meet-up with friends.

While Boucla is known for its incredible house-baked cakes and sweet treats to enjoy in-house or on the go, we also serve fresh breakfast, lunch dishes and great coffee, as well as offer delicious catering for your next event.

the name

Boucla (or boucle) is a Greek word for a brooch, a metal jewellery item designed to be attached to clothing and for holding a garment or scarf in place. Traditionally made of brass or silver.

The Boucla logo is a simple “boucle” with a pin to hold the item in place.

history of the cafe

Opened nearly 20 years ago, by a family with a Greek heritage (Kastellorizo island near the Turkish coast). Hence the Mediterranean and Greek menu theme.

Current owner Nikki Grey continues the tradition, expanding on the menu while maintaining the quality.

Number One Best Cosy Café in Perth!

- The Sunday Times, Perth Now Magazine, “Perth’s Best Cosy Cafes” by Claire Davies, 1 August 2017